24 Pin ATX Power Supply PSU Jumper Bridge Tool XSPC

24 Pin ATX Power Supply PSU Jumper Bridge Tester Tool Plastic Black



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This 24 Pin ATX Power Supply PSU Jumper Bridge Tool is a great addition to your PC workstation or bench. When PC Troubleshooting, you may need to bypass the PC case power switch to power a PSU during PC repairs, PC customizing, PC building or use when Bitcoin or Crypto Mining. The 24 Pin ATX Power Supply PSU Jumper Bridge Tool Perform your Power On Basic Diagnostic tests for your PC Power Supply or create a simple electronics test bench PSU for 12V, 5V, and 3V Circuits Simple Single Board Design. Bitcoin Miners who use Mnpctech ATX PSU Jumper are mining Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC), Dash, Ripple (XRP), and Monero (XMR).

Control power on when testing equipment easily without losing or removing jumper like paper clips.

Avoid Errors: Electrical Shocks or Shorting Out Power Supply.

Great for Testing PC Power Supplies. They have also been widely used to power Bitcoin and Crypto Miners, but users used paper clips or wires to short green line and black line of the PSU 24 pin interface before powering Bitcoin Miners. It is troublesome thing to short lines, and may lead to unstable power supply. provide a convenient and effective method to start PSU. Only need to connect it to the PSU 24 pin interface and turn on your Power Supply. Works with SFF, MATX, ATX Power Supplies.

Mnpctech ATX Jumper Switch can be used with ATX and SFF Power Supply brands that include Antec PSU, AntMiner PSU, Apevia, Aerocool, BeQuiet PSU, Bitfenix PSU, Cooler Master, Corsair PSU, Fractal Design PSU, FSP, Gigampz PSU, Enermax PSU, EVGA, Inwin, Kolink, Raidmax, Riotoro, Rosewill, Sama Forza, SeaSonic PSU, Silverstone PSU, SilentiumPC, Sparkle, Superflower PSU, NZXT PSU, XFX, Thermaltake PSU, and Zalman.