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Network Adhesive Cable Clip Organizer Management Clamp Base



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Note this item is same product as "PC Motherboard Plate & PSU Cable Clamps" @ $.99 each

Black Heavy Duty PVC plastic Network Adhesive Cable Clip Organizer Management Clamp Bases fit up to six cables. They're great for routing and mounting Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, Cat8 Ethernet Patch cables for your Data Center or Home Network. You can also tidy up the cables for your smart TV, laptop, desktop computer, Internet Wifi Router. Mnpctech Ethernet cable mounting bases are often used by some of the world's best data & hosting centers.

Each ethernet cable mount has 3M adhesive backing for attaching to all types of surfaces. Attach and route network cables onto server rack, data center or server room ventilation ducts, walls, sheet rock, tile flooring, baseboards, and ceilings.

Each cable mount measures 1.8" x 0.75" for applicable cable diameter of 0 - 0.3 inches.

Sold Individually at $.99

They hold data or internet network cables on walls or underneath your computer office desk, PC keyboard cables, and or smart phone or tablet charging cables.

Pack of Eight for $4.99 These Network cable clamps are great for hiding and organizing your cables for your smart TV or home network.

You can add up to six ethernet network data cables to the cable clamp holder.

The network cable clamp from Mnpctech has heavy duty 3M adhesive,. so you can mount and hide cables on all types of surfaces.

The cable clamps allow you to tuck and turn network cables in different directions on a variety of different surfaces, like air conditioning and heating ducts and pipes. You can also mount the Cat Ethernet cable base clamps on sheet rock or brick walls.

The Mnpctech Home Network cable clamps allow you to hide and tidy up messing cables out of sight.

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