Buy 8 pin ENSOURCED video card cable Paracord Billet Comb

8 pin ENSOURCED Paracord Billet Comb



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Aluminum conducts electricity. Billet aluminum PC Combs are intended to "dress-up" individually sleeved and insulted cables that are visible in your computer. Not for use on the backside of your motherboard, where the billet aluminum PC cable combs can bridge exposed circuits or solder points on any circuit boards that include computer motherboards, network cards, sound cards and video cards. We offer optional "CLEAR INSULATED VARNISH" coating applied for $1.99 per comb to help prevent electrical conductivity, but it is not 100% guaranteed protection from allowing electrical current.

Mnpctech designed and created this 8 pin billet cable comb for Paracord custom individually sleeved cable extensions when seen inside your system. Not for use on the backside of your motherboard. Aluminum is an electrical conductor, so keep billet cable combs away from joining exposed circuits or solder points on any electronic components, that include motherboard and or video card pcb circuits. Acrylic and plastic cable combs are more likely to break or snap than our billet cable combs. They won't break because they're cnc machined from 1/8" thick 6061 aluminum. Mnpctech billet 16 pin video cable combs to provide the best gripe for your custom sleeved cables. Each individual slot is precision cut for 3mm diameter sleeved cable or wire, so they hold tight. You can use Mnpctech cable combs with pre-sleeved factory cables for 16 pin GPU / Video connectors.

Each cable comb is cnc machined from 3/16" thick 6061 aluminum by Mnpctech workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ensourced offers the best quality paracord cable sleeved product line on the market.