Carbon Fiber Combs

Mnpctech is very proud to be the first PC hardware and accessory manufacturer to offer 100% real composite carbon fiber PC cable combs. The custom PC community have been asking Mnpctech to offer an alternative to the fragile plastic PC combs that have littered our market. We launched our machined aluminum billet combs last year in response to public demand. Those PC combs are made from 3/16" thick 6061 aluminum which are still made in our workshop today. Always looking to expand Mnpctech's product line, Bill Owen pursued the idea of making and offering carbon fiber PC cable combs for your custom gaming PC setup in 2016. The manufacturing process would require a great deal of research and experimentation until they not only fit the sleeved cables right, but also felt and looked fantastic. We launched our 24 pin carbon fiber comb first on 2/5/17. Soon after Mnpctech released other popular carbon fiber PC cable comb sizes. Mnpctech's composite PC cable combs took nearly a year after conceiving the idea to the end result you see today.

Mnpctech's carbon cable combs are strong as steel while being lighter than our billet and plastic versions. PC builders and modders use our carbon fiber combs to organize their custom individually sleeved PC cables and cable extensions. They snap-tight fit 3mm OD sleeved cables from 4-24 that includes 24 pin motherboard connectors and 4,6,and 8 pin INTEL cpu / processor power sleeved cable options. You can also use these CF combs with custom sleeved 6 pin and 8 pin video card connectors. Mnpctech's carbon fiber PC combs for 16 pin, 14 pin, and 12 pin sleeved cables and power connectors.