12 pin cable comb

Mnpctech will help your 12 pin individually sleeved video and graphics card cables look professional. Our billet cable comb is cnc machined from 3/16" / 4.7mm thick material to provide the best gripe for your custom sleeved video card cables. Each individual slot is precision cut for 3mm diameter sleeved cable or wire, so they hold your sleeved graphics card power connectors tight.

Mnpctech billet cable combs are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, so they're strong! They also work and look great with pre-sleeved factory cables made for 12 pin SLI video and graphics card connectors Mnpctech also offers 24-pin, 16-pin, 14-pin, 8 pin, 6 pin, and 4 pin billet cable combs.