How to Stop Vinyl Record Turntable Vibrations?

by Bill Owen
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1. What is the best solution for isolating vibration to turntables?

We chose to make Sorbothane isolators for our turntable isolation feet because they combine shock absorption, recall memory, vibration isolation and vibration damping properties in one solution. Sorbothane works effectively for acoustic dampening. While many materials exhibit one of these characteristics, Sorbothane combines all of them in a stable material with a long fatigue life. NASA utilizes Sorbothane in both mechanical and electronic equipment in the Space Shuttle. All of their Satellite cameras use Sorbothane vibration/shock mounts, including the ARES I rocket.I'm

2. Word spreads about Sorbothane as the best turntable isolation feet to stop bad vibrations.

I was honored when Michael Fremer mentioned my custom Sorbothane feet in Stereophile (november 2018, technics SR-1000 article), but I haven't personally seen any sales from his mention. It is true that Michael Fremer returns review samples of the audio products he reviews. He promptly returned the Mnpctech turntable isolation feet he installed on the Technics SL-1000R turntable after writing his review article.

3. What is the best DIY solution for stopping vibrations for vintage and new turntables?

There is many products and solutions for isolating vibration to your audiophile turntable. Many of them require drilling holes into your turntable base. The thought of doing this to your vintage turntable is very unappealing. Mnpctech designs their turntable isolation feet to utilize the original factory wood screw holes. Isolation platforms for turntables are another solution, but they tend to be very expensive and consume vertical space.

4. Will Mnpctech offer height adjustable turntable isolation feet?

In 2019 I'll be expanding Mnpctech turntable isolation feet to a height adjustable version for wood plinth vintage and new model turntables. I'm currently working on a simple design that allows you to use the original factory wood screw hole without needing to drill additional mounting holes. I believe Audiophiles want the easiest solution for adjusting height and balancing the base of their audio turntable without the need of specialized tools.In 2019, I'm slowly expanding into making replacement "dress-up" feet for audio components such as Amplifiers and Receivers as well. The majority of my sales has been to people restoring vintage turntables.

5. Who and why is Mnpctech making Audiophile Turntable Isolation Feet?

My name is Bill Owen and I own Mnpctech. It's my small online business since 2001 in Minnesota. I started out making custom accessories for people who customize their desktop PCs. The PC Case Mod market is becoming over saturated with copycat products from China. So, last year I started making custom replacement and isolation feet for Turntables to supplement my income. I've been making custom feet for high end desktop PCs since 2001. It was easy to expand our existing isolation case feet to work with vinyl turntables. The first custom foot design to be adopted over was our 1.75" diameter x 1.5" tall grooved case foot. We use a CNC lathe to make each foot cover. The rubber foot inside is made from a combination of Neoprene and Sorbothane. We work with the very best manufacturers of these custom molded isolating products in the United States. I rely on real world experiences by Audiophiles to dictate my designs. Whenever I create something new, I give prototypes to several Audiophile customers to test and hear their feedback. I will take all of their opinions and feedback into account for revisions, and repeat the testing process. I've often been asked about publishing "vibration tests" but tests can be perceived as being altered in my favor, since I'm financing them. Also, as you know this is very subjective market. What one person may love, another may not "hear the difference". I simply offer them the option to return for refund. We average 2 - 3 sets of this foot design being ordered daily. I'd estimate 15% of our sales are not satisfied with the results. I have no idea what their audio setup or listening room environment is like. I do believe that we offer a reasonably good solution for the price, considering we make everything in-house.

Hope this brings more clarity and understanding, please let me know if you have any other questions!

6. How Mnpctech makes the best and most affordable turntable isolation feet?

Mnpctech's wood plinth analog turntable isolation feet have cnc machined aluminum covers. These covers are milled from 6061 aluminum from 1-3/4" diameter bar stock. We make our isolation turntable feet covers in a CNC lathe in our family workshop. These custom turntable isolation feet have become my most popular offering. They're a great option for DIY replacement for degrading rubber feet on vintage turntables. The top sorbothane vibration dampening isolators are made in-house by the staff at Mnpctech. We use the most ideal resources and materials for isolating vibrations to your vintage and new vinyl record turntable. Many vinyl turntables from the 60s, 70s, and 80s are starting to see their rubber feet degrade. We've seen examples in person of the rubber crumbling in our hands. we often see customers who own Pioneer's vintage PL series vinyl turntables come to us for our custom wood plinth turntable isolation feet.

7. Can I find How to Guide on making and installing turntable isolation feet?

In late 2018, I uploaded a Do-It-Yourself installation video for my wood plinth turntable isolation feet. I feared my Youtube subscribers would be annoyed by this type of content on my channel. Normally I publish guides on customizing and modifying PC cases and water cooled gaming PC builds. The video actually had a very positive response. Some people even suggested trying our turntable isolation feet on PC cases. We have started offering a larger version of our M6 thread turntable isolation feet to Case Labs PC case owners.

Mnpctech customer Pioneer PL550 with my custom wood plinth turntable isolation feet with sorbothane isolators.

8. Need to replace or fix old feet on your Audiophile Stereo Receiver or Amplifier?

In 2019, I'm slowly expanding into making replacement "dress-up" feet for vintage and new home audio components such as Amplifiers and Receivers. The majority of my custom replacement foot sales so far have been to Denon, Marantz, Kenwood, Technics, Sansui, Yamaha, SONY, and Pioneer vintage audio equipment. Some of these customers discovered Mnpctech when they purchased isolation feet when restoring their vintage turntables.

9. Will Mnpctech Sorbothane Turntable Isolation feet fit my turntable brand and model?

The majority of sales for our DIY turntable Isolation feet has been to vintage and new wood plinth base Vinyl turntables. These types of turntables typically utilize one Philips head wood mounting screw for each foot. The sizes of screws used by audio component manufacturers have ranged from variety of sizes and thread types. We found M6 is common for factory turntable feet by Japanese manufacturers. 1/4-20 thread is common with US based audio manufacturers. We found that #10 size wood screws work with most wood base turntables. I've lost count of how many replacement isolation turntable feet I've sold for vintage AKAI, Acoustic Research, Kenwood, Panasonic, Pioneer, Technics, Rega Research, U-Turn Audio, Music Hall and Project Audio vintage and new model turntables. I feel truly blessed to have found a market for my custom Sorbothane isolation turntable feet.

Brian Hancock's Acoustic Research XB Vintage Turntable with Mnpctech Isolation Feet

Brian Hancock's Acoustic Research XB Vintage Turntable with Mnpctech Isolation Feet

VPI Prime Scout Turntable with Mnpctech Sorbothane Isolation feet owned by thestereoguys.