The Battlefield 1 RADEON mk5 ww1 british tank gaming PC was created for DICE by Bill Owen from mnpctech in partnership with AMD Gaming Evolved, Electronic Arts, Gaming Tribe, GIGABYTE, SAPPHIRE and Corsair.

The 1st mk5 WW1 Tank Gaming PC will be revealed by Geoff on the "2016 Games Awards" event live from Hollywood on December 2nd, 2016. ENTER GIVEAWAY for chance to WIN this handcrafted Tank PC.

Bill Owen from Mnpctech has been building and modding custom PCs for marketing your products and drawing in crowds at PC Gaming and hardware trade shows. These events include Blizz-Con CES, Cebit, Computex, Pax East, Comic-Con, and Quake-Con. Bill Owen also creates unique computers to promote new PC game releases or giveaways. Bill has also done product design and marketing consulting for PC hardware manufacturers.

The core of our gaming system will be powered with the AMD FX 8370 processor.

The theme of the tank will be inspired by AMD. The fist logo will be featured on the nose of the mk5 tank.

The paint scheme on the tank will be similar to this Warhammer tank. Flat red with iron grey.

This is the image of the mk5 Tank from Battlefield 1 given to Mnpctech by Electronic Arts, from DICE studios. Our 3D Engineer, Cheapskate had to transform their image into reality. The 3D drawing process took 32 hours. Could you beat that time?

This diagram allows you to see the internal layout of the computer gaming system components. The tank will host ATX size motherboard and power supply. We've updated the original design to host two Sapphire Radeon 480 RX video cards instead of one Fury R9 Nitro.

These are some of mk5 tank part layout sheets for the laser cutting. The rectangles are the individual plates for the tank tracks. Thickness of these parts range from 1/16", 1/8" to 1/4" thick. It's just like giant scale model kit!

Majority of the construction is 100% cast acrylic in Black Opaque color. I chose this material because it's excellent for laser cutting and machining. It's also more durable that extruded acrylic, which can crack easily.

The size of our WW1 mk5 British Tank will be 1/6th scale of the real one. I will need to make a shipping crate!

A glimpse at my workbench on the 5th day of my progress on the WW1 mk5 tank build. Pictured above is the two exterior pieces of the tank, which double as side access covers. I'm attaching the details that represent the axle hubs for the tracks.

Attaching reinforcement plates and axle hubs to the left and right hull of the mk5 tank. Tracked military vehicles have better mobility than wheels over rough terrain. Tanks were designed to navigate over trenches and breaks in the terrain. Tracks are less likely to get stuck in mud, dirt or snow since they distribute the weight of the mk5 tank over a larger contact area,

To bond the cast acrylic pieces to the mk5 tank model, I'm using WELD-ON #3 acrylic bonding glue in this squeeze bottle with a syringe applicator tip. You could also use a paint brush to apply it.

Glimpse at the 1/16" thick sheet of laser cut parts. The removed pieces include doors for the two gun torrets

Here is some of 1/8" pieces that represent pivot points for the tracks and rivet joints for the hull. I'm also tapping some of the holes for 6/32 thread mounting screws.

ATX motherboard plate with 1/2" tall aluminum motherboard standoffs.

mk5 Tank gun barrels are cnc machined in lathe from 1/5" O.D. 6061 aluminum bar stock

The ball ends allow the smaller gun turret barrels to pivot in different directions and angles,

The rotating housing for the WW1 Gun turrets was milled from 3" O.D. 6061 aluminum shaft.

The main core body of the WW1 mk5 tank assembled. All of the pieces are 100% cast acrylic in 1/4" black opaque

The rear of the tank will hold a 750W Corsair ATX power supply. The 22mm hole will be the main power button.

I will use either this red anodized 22mm vandal power switch or black anodized version listed for sale, HERE

Front of our scale mk5 tank. We are milling the gun barrel from aluminum for small hole in the driver cupola.

The track housing consists of three pieces of 1/4" thick acrylic, 32" long.

The intake air vents on the bottom of the ww1 mk5 tank are for the computer power supply.

Pile of individual plates for the mark V tank tracks. The plates were laser cut from 1/8" black cast acrylic

The plates are aligned first upon 3M 233+ Masking tape using a 1/16" thick steel ruler

The 233+ masking tape acts as temporary method to attached the track plates.

Plates are welded onto the track housing with SCIGRIP WELD-ON #4 from Tap Plastics

1/16" OD clear acrylic rods attached between the track plates to emulate tank track joints and links

The scale model Mk V top muffler mounting plates.

The muffler was created from clear acrylic rods. The WW1 mk5 muffler shroud is 1/6" black opaque acrylic.

Our Radeon "BF1 Tank" theme Gaming PC will host Gigabyte's 990FX-Gaming Motherboard. I've always loved the ease of using Gigabyte Gaming hardware in our builds.

The BF1 tank will be armed with Sapphire Radeon RX 480s in x16 Crossfire.

AMD FX-8370 will reside in the Gigabyte 990FX Gaming Motherboard. The processor will be cooled with Corsair All-In-One cooler, mounted in the roof of the Mark V WW1 Tank Computer case mod.

Pre-fitting Gigabyte FX990 Crossfire and SLI Gaming motherboard.

Starting assembly of the side gun turrets, constructed with .25" thick Black opaque case acrylic material.

The side gun barrels on our mk 5 WW1 scale tank and side rotating turret is machined from 6061 aluminum.

The surface of the acrylic material is scuffed with medium grit sandpaper to create adhesion for the primer coat.

The AMD Radeon FIST logo will be painted on the side gun turrets

Tank body and side covers masked off at Dirt Designs Paint Booth with 3M professional Auto body masking tape.

Cromax Red paint will be mixed and darkened with Black to accent the AMD Radeon Iron fist background color.The Mark V BF1 tank paint finish will be top coated with Flat Clear, after the logos are hand airbrushed on the sides.

The Mnpctech built "AMD Battlefield 1 Computer Tank" will utilize two SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 480 100406NT+8GOCL 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Cards in Crossfire.

  • 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5
  • 1 x Dual-Link DVI-D 2 x HDMI 2.0 2 x DisplayPort 1.4
  • PCI Express 3.0 x16
  • Core Clock 1342 MHz
  • 2304 Stream Processors

  • The RX 480s loaded in Crossfire and ready for gaming action in BATTLEFIELD 1.

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