Mnpctech is now stocking acrylic window sheets. We prefer using cast acrylic for our custom projects for it's ease in cutting and transparent colored clarity. We will build up colors and choices for our acrylic sheets as we receive feedback from our customers. We're starting out with Transparent Acrylic Colored Plastic Sheets which are most popular type used by PC and Case Modders. Our goal is to supply everyone's needs, regardless of your hobby, craft, custom builds and projects. We've used color acrylic sheets for making custom PC windows, laser cut fan grills and PC radiator grills. We've also used acrylic sheets for making PC Power Supply or PSU shrouds. The brands of acrylic sheets we stock may include inventory from Acrylite, Chemcast, Delvies, Duraplex, Eplastics, Evonic, Lexan, Optix, Perspex, Plexiglass, Prova, Plaskolite, Tapplastics. Cast acrylic sheets are the highest quality plastic sheets on the market. Acrylic sheet is also referred to as perspex, plexiglass, plexi.