How To Install Connect 5" Touch Screen LCD Desktop Gaming PC Case Mod Guide

by Bill Owen
How To Install Connect 5" Touch Screen LCD Desktop Gaming PC Case Mod Guide

Touch Screen LCD Gaming PC Case Mod Guide Product Links:

*5" Touchscreen LCD,

*3ft "Right Angle" 270 degree HDMI cord,

*6" 90 Degree Angle HDMI Extension Adapter,

*3ft USB Male to Micro Charger power connector,

*Twelve 6/32 Black washers,

*Diamond Knurl PC Thumbscrews,

3/16" Black Matte Acrylic Sheet,

Dremel Cut-Off Wheels,

Several people have asked if I could share the steps on how I do my Touchscreen LCD mod in PC Computer case bezels, and you've come to the right video!
I've been using this Amazon 5 Inch Capacitive Touch Screens for $44.99 delivered on Amazon Prime, I'll posted a link in Video description. The kit comes a with Micro USB for power and HDMI video connector, but these cables are too short for these PC case mods. It includes M3 stand-offs, a Driver Disc and some Instructions. It's a 5 point Capacitive Touch screen with a Resolution of 800 x 460, which is just fine for it's 5" viewing screen. In addition to the LCD touchscreen, I will buy the following cables for my PC Case Mod.

For Mounting, I use 3/16" thick Black acrylic to make custom mounting brackets for the screen. You can PAUSE the video I posted above to see and record the measurements that I've made for cutting the acrylic.

The reason I'm making these custom LCD brackets? I want the ability to easily install or remove this 5" PC Touchscreen with thumbscrews.

I'm using 1/8" drill bit for acrylic, and 6/32 thread tap, These Black thumbscrews from I'll use the 1/8" drill bit to increase the diameter of the holes in the LCD pcb frame.

I discovered these specialty drill bits for acrylic and plastic a few years ago, Notice the bit isn't splintering or cracking the acrylic as I make the holes. Mnpctech stocks a variety of these drills bits.

My mod requires Twelve 6/32 washers, and links posted in description, "Why so many washers?" We want the Touchscreen to mount flush on the backside of the bezel, I also don't want to apply any unnecessary pressure to the screen or the PCB, See how this sheet of paper easily slides under the screen
Next stage is cutting the hole in the bezel, The best PC case for this mod is the ones without optical drive bays, which every popular case manufacturer now offers. If you're using an older case with 5.25 drive bays, you could attach a mounting plate with 5" opening that covers THREE 5.25 bays. That's how we did this mod in the early days of PC Modding.

Determine and measure out a location in the center of your bezel, you can also mount the LCD vertically if you prefer, and just change the screen orientation in Windows. Since the bezel is plastic, I'm using a Dremel with 1.5" reinforced cut off wheel, Don't forget to always wear eye protection when using power tools. Oops, What the Hell?! Hahaha

After cutting our 5" diagonal square hole, I'll hand file the edges so everything is precise and clean. You may have to remove sound insulation foam from backside of your bezel,

I'm using E6000 adhesive glue to attach the two mounting brackets. This adhesive is very GOOEY at first, so consider masking off the screen, to prevent getting any of this on it. I like that it's tacky for couple of minutes, so I have time to position the LCD in place, and then I'll temporarily tape it in place while it cures overnight.

Mounting your Touch screen 5" LCD in the PC this way allows you to easily remove and re-install the LCD at any time. Especially if you ever need to replace it for some reason.

Let's get this LCD touchscreen connected to the PC, all of the cables are routed from the front to thee rear PCI slots. *3ft "Right Angle" 270 degree HDMI cord*6" 90 Degree Angle HDMI Extension Adapter cable, I plug this compact cable into the Touchscreen to save space.*3ft USB Male to Micro B power connector

This mod is great if you want an extra screen for monitoring your hardware and temps. You can also display Weather or calendar or email notifications, Check out this community offers several hundred custom mad graphic interfaces for FREE, and you can configure your screen to display a variety of updated information tasks

Thanks for watching! And again, all of the products used in this PC case mod are listed in the video description. Have a fantastic day!